Jan 292015
Internet Of Things (IoT) Is The In-Thing At IndicThreads Conference, Pune 2015

IndicThreads is pleased to announce the IndicThreads Developer Conference, 2015. The conference will be held in Pune, India on 27-28 Feb 2015. The conference offers world-class, vendor-neutral content on IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Java, Web… along with hot debates, cool tech, deep dives, interactions with peers and Q&As with some of the best in the […]

Dec 092014
Big Data Search With Elasticsearch

Most modern applications generate large amounts of data in order to understand the needs and likes of their customers. However finding meaningful information from within this data is like finding a needle in a haystack. In this session we will look at some solutions that are being used currently for Big Data Search and then […]

Dec 042014
Modelling RESTful applications – Why should I not use verbs in the REST url?

As per REST, the URLs should make use of HTTP verbs to expose their REST based services via HTTP. (i.e GET/PUT/POST/DELETE). But in a real life complex application, we are faced with exposing many services such as approve, reject where it becomes inevitable to add verbs to the URL. What should we do? Should we […]

Dec 022014
SQL on Hadoop - Is SQL The Next Big Step For Hadoop?

Since early days, the Hadoop community has made several attempts to stretch Hadoop beyond its role as a distributed programming framework. The key strength that Hadoop brings to the table is its ability to scale linearly. Can we combine this advantage of Hadoop with the efficiency of databases? What does it take to run SQL […]

Nov 102014
Building A Big Data Platform With Hbase/Hadoop and NoSQL Mongo DB

Harpreet Singh shares his experience in building an enterprise Big Data Platform For a 100TB Dataset with a medical sector use case. He talks of at how they went about managing the unstructured data (genomics, imaging) on Hbase/Hadoop and structured data (biochemistry, skin tests etc) on  NoSQL Mongo database, and the challenges faced along the way.

Nov 032014
On Emerging Technologies (Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, IoT, Analytics...)

Vibhore Sharma, CTO of Naukri.com speaks about emerging technologies in the Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Internet Of Things (IoT) and Analytics. He also shares the challenges of building and running a site like Naukri.com. This talk was delivered at the IndicThreads Conference 2013 at Delhi NCR, India. Vibhore is an internet technology specialist with expertise […]