Getting Started With Ext JS JavaScript Rich Apps Framework

Web and Mobile application interfaces have been going through a massive overhaul over the past couple of years. Web developers around the world have been relentlessly launching one great platform after another – Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI/jQtouch, Lungo, Ext JS to name a few. Sencha happens to be one of the most aggressive players in this space having recently launched their flagship Ext JS and Touch offerings. But what exactly is different about these frameworks? What has the nature of this overhaul been?

While Sencha and its customers claim massive improvements, where are these coming from and most importantly, what can this powerful framework do for your product? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in the powerpacked “Sencha Ext JS 4.x unleashed” session. A combination of demos, historical perspective and humorous anecdotes will clarify the significance of this comprehensive web dev offering.

Session Outline

  1. Overview of Ext JS framework
  2. Capabilities and improvements over previous versions.
  3. User interface design best practices as supported by Ext JS.
  4. To MVC or not, what do web devs say about Sencha’s approach.
  5. Data driven applications.
  6. HTML5 and Ext JS – can they co-exist?
  7. My Client is a IE 6 fan, what can Ext JS do for me?
  8. The Desktop vs Mobile debate, are we headed for gentle synergy or a head-on train wreck?


Satyajeet is a software developer working in the field of web technology for the past 5 years. His areas of expertise involve JavaScript & HTML5 based web frameworks, Learning Management Systems and User Interface Design. He has a Masters in Computer Science from Columbia University and a B.E. from Pune University in Computer Engineering. Over the past year he has been training TechM colleagues in a variety of different frameworks and languages such as PHP, HTML5, jQuery, Ext JS and Git.  while also contributing to the development efforts of two open source projects.

This session was presented at the 7th IndicThreads Pune Conference held on 14-15 Dec 2012. Track IndicThreads on Facebook / Twitter for updates on future events.

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