Java Direction – SE 8, ME 8, IOT, EE 7…

Quick notes from Java Strategy Keynote at JavaOne

  1. Looks like “Internet Of Things” (IOT) is the buzzword for 2014 #JavaOne
  2. Platform Unification is a priority
  3. Embedded is fragmented. No common platform. Java working with many vendors with different chipsets and OS. #JavaOne
  4. Java working with many vendors with diff. chipsets, OS… Java will provide the open standards platform for Internet Of Things #JavaOne
  5. Java will provide the open standards platform for Internet Of Things , Java will run across devices from many vendors
  6. Java 8 is aimed at unification of platform
  7. Java ME has not kept up with Java SE. It will catch up with Java 8.
  8. Developers can build skillset across all platforms and not licked into SE, ME …
  9. Big push around embedded and devices (Internet of Things) at #JavaOne 2013 . Not yet clear if it’s mostly strategy or real action
  10. Everything in d future (including the chair u r sitting on) will be connecting says embedded Hackathon winner (used Java ME) #JavaOne
  11. New in Java SE 8 to be released early 2014 (Lambda, Nashorn, DateTime API, Compact profile, Security enhancements)
  12. Parallel Java 8 release of Java SE and Java ME #JavaOne (Test preview now available for download)
  13. Java EE 7 released a few months back boasts of Developer Productivity, ease of development and HTML5 features.
  14. Java EE 7 is the the first EE relase from Oracle. Avaialble for download #JavaOne
  15. Project Avatar announced 2 yrs back is now available for download at (Now opensource)

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  • szahn

    I love the idea of embedded Java in everyday common things, although I wonder how it will compete against other “ubiquitous” languages like Javascript.