Review of Python’s ongoing improvements

Python’s Version 2.5 is expected in early 2006 with the updates like automate cleanup and correction of code. The new version Python 3.0 is still in the planning stage, “Python 3.0, will unify user and systems classes, It’s going to be the one release where we allow ourselves to break backward compatibility; this is sometimes necessary in order to fix early design mistakes.”, says van Rossum.

 Guido van Rossum, architect of the language and founder of the nonprofit Python Software Foundation, developed the earliest version of the Python language about 15 years ago with help from two partners — Jack Jansen and Sjoerd Mullender. His goal was to create a highly portable, object-oriented language that was less complex than Java or C++.

Python is known as a programmer’s programming language still, its not well known, recently, the language has gained a foothold in the enterprise and has been embraced by organisations like Google , NASA.
Java became very popular when the organisation like Oracle, IBM started using the language and developed various tools based on the language. Python has adapted to both the Java and .Net platforms, however Simple development is its strong suite but is not a good fit for for heavy-duty functions such as online transactional processing.

“The beauty of Python is that a developer in virtually any industry can use it to very quickly bring up an application with a Web server and an open-source database without requiring the same amount of money as a lengthy project”, says Michael Goulde, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc.

“What sets Python apart from Perl and other dynamic languages is its ease of maintenance. Python is an especially clean language in terms of readability and is very modular, like Java and C#”, says Richard Monson-Haefel, an analyst at Burton Group Inc. in Midvale, Utah.

But despite ongoing improvements, van Rossum acknowledges that not all of Python’s bugs have been worked out.

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