Building Websites With Plone: 8Py Book Review

Building Websites With Plone by J. Cameron Cooper is a very useful book for beginners as well as experienced Plone developers.

The book is based on Plone 2.0 series, so some specifics might not work with the older versions. The book assumes that you are familiar with ZOPE and python.

It covers almost all aspects of Plone:

  • Installation of Plone
  • Plone web interface, control panel, ZMI controls
  • Users and permisions
  • Design and architecture
  • Extending and writing Plone tools,plone products
  • Database connectivity with Plone
  • Security

The first 2 chapters cover the basics and installation part, the third chapter “Managing Plone” starts with the basics of ZOPE. So even if you are not so familiar with ZOPE, you can learn about it in this chapter, this chapter also covers ZMI, Plone Control Panel, Add/Remove Products,Error Log, Mail settings, Portal Settings, Skins, User and Groups administration. Some of the concepts related to ZOPE are not easy to understand if you are new to ZOPE. So I would suggest that you have a look at ZOPE before you read this chapter. Other chapters look at core Plone matters.

I think chapters “Writing Plone Tools” and “Using Relational management Systems” are not explained in-depth although they are sufficient to give you an overview. Chapter 12 “Integration” includes the Apache, FTP and web services like REST, XML-RPC ,SOAP. Again these topics are very important and demands priority .Chapter 13 “Performance and Optimization” covers ZODB,Z SQL and the information on setting up Plone to use multiple machines in several tiers. I think this chapter is explained very well. chapter “Securing Plone ” coversthe security aspects.I liked the style of writing. It’s like a tutorial. Cooper has used many examples, case studies with explanatory diagrams which can help beginners better understand Plone.This book is a pleasure to read and can help you get a sound understanding of Plone.

Rating: (8/10)Â
Author : Cameron Cooper More Reviews of Building Websites with Plone
Publisher :PACKT Buy Building Websites with Plone
ISBN :1904811027 More Python Books
Pages : 398 pages Publisher’s Page
Published : November 2004 Source Code
Price : $ 42.49 eBook-$24.99 Table of Contents

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