Digital Transformation of the Enterprise: What IT leaders need to know!

Tarun BMC SoftwareThis presentation is about the changing times and nature of IT services delivered to the consumer.  In the past, it used to be delivered through thick  or thin clients on the desktop.  Today, these are primarily delivered to the mobile in the form of a digital service.

While a lot of talk is about disruption that the  smart phones have brought, the truth is, that the backend has to be more industrialised than ever before due to the massive number of transactions that  terminate in the legacy IT infrastructure. Companies need both, industrial IT and innovation IT to be able to compete effectively in the digital marketplace. This presentation will be about the  different imperatives the new IT  leaders have to think about in the digital era.

Speaker: Tarun Sharma is the CEO of BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd. (BMCI), a wholly owned subsidiary of BMC Software Inc. Tarun also heads and guides the Incubator, responsible for strengthening BMC’s product portfolio and fostering the culture of innovation across the organization. Tarun has been with BMC Software since 2009 and is credited with leading BMC India to it’s current maturity level. His primary focus has been on making BMC India known for innovation and customer value realization.

This talk was delivered at the IndicThreads Conference 2015 at Pune, India.

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