Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery (CD) using Jenkins & Docker

Continuous Integration (CI) is one of the most important tenets of agile practices. And Continuous Delivery (CD) is impossible without continuous integration. All practices are good and enhance productivity when other good practices and tools back them. For example CI & CD without proper automation test cases can be a killer. It kills the team productivity and puts deliver on risk. Via this session I will try to share my experiences of how CI and CD can be done in optimized fashion (specifically for feature branch based development approach)

  • We will discuss the best practices and ways of ensuring proper CI and CD in feature branch based development approach.
  • I will showcase an automated Jenkins based setup, which is geared to ensure that all feature branches and master remain in cohesive harmony.
  • At the end we will conclude on what are the essential components for ensuring successful CI and CD. We will also discuss what are the associated must haves to make it a success.

Take away:

  1. Understanding of CI and CD and how CI can lead to CD.
  2. How a devops engineer can leverage Jenkins and scripting to automate the CI and CD for feature branch based development.
  3. Demo of CI setup devloped on Jenkins.
  4. Generic understanding and Q&A related to CI and CD.
  5. Learning of how docker can be used in such scenarios.

Sandeep Rawat is a DevOps Consultant at Mettl. He is a passionate Build & Release engineer who has extensive knowledge of build and release automation. He is an expert at streamlining build and release processes, and has used them to achieve multiple smooth build & releases per day, at one of India’s most popular E-commerce websites. Sandeep is also an avid blogger and in his spare time he loves to work on various utilities..


This talk was delivered at the IndicThreads Conference 2015 at Pune, India.

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