Great news for Plone, Google hires Plone Founder

Alexander Limi, the main person behind the Plone, recently announced that he has accepted a job offer from Google. He will join their user interface design team. Google has already supported many open source projects through Summer of Code program. It will be interesting to see their approach towards Plone. I believe that its a great news for Plone and only good can come from this.

In the announcement made by Alexander Limi, he stated that “he wants to learn from the masters of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) UI design,” also there is a need to step back from Plone for a while, in order to see new thinking. We might see some Plone + AJAX development in the recent time!

Why Google recruited Alexander Limi ? Are they interested in Plone development or they are only interested in his skills with user interface design, project management and community communication and coordination. We will come to know about it soon.

He has been very active and vocal on the mailing lists. Lets hope Alexander Limi will remain on the board and remain active on Plone projects.

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