Internet of Things (IoT) – An Architectural Perspective

Internet of Things is gaining unprecedented amount of traction across the globe. And the large organizations are making huge investments on IoT, which is going to change the shape of the ‘Connected World’. Hence, it becomes necessarily important to understand the components, technologies and their interaction in the world of IoT.

The session would cover the Introduction of IoT, its components, the forces that have brought the ecosystem to mainstream and its adoption across industries. Then along with the Reference Architecture, I would discuss a few of industry implementations in IOT area with reference to the architecture. Next would be a comparative analysis of various IOT platforms available in the market and their architectures. And finally I would take up the challenges in making IOT as pervasive as it is believed to be.

A key take away would be the architectural appreciation of IOT landscape. As of now, any and every player in the market has begun to advertise their product as an IOT platform but a comprehensive review of fundamental design and architecture would bring this plethora of products (including open source ones) in the right purview. And that’s the objective of this talk.

Speaker:  Gaurav Awasthi is a passionate Software Architect with expertise in Solution and Architecture definition for enterprise-class client engagements in E-Commerce, Retail, Telecom and Travel domains. His primary interest lies in emerging technologies and their applications, more so in open source domain. He also has extensive experience of working in Agile, Scrum and Extreme Programming methodologies.Internet of Things (IOT) is his primary area of practice these days. He is a Sr. Architect at Cognizant Technology Solutions.

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