IndicThreads Pune 2016 To Equip Developers For A New Age Of Software Development

The IndicThreads Conference for 2016 is scheduled for 3-4 June 2016. The conference boasts of a great lineup of sessions around topics that are poised to transform software development as we know it.

The 2016 event takes a close look at building Internet of Things (IoT) enabled software and the many pitfalls to watch out. The conference also has many distinguished speakers talking about buzzing new technologies like MicroServices, GoLang, Functional Programming, latest in Java, Video Streaming, RxJava, Bitcoin and the new HTTP/2.

Speakers and participants from across India will come together for this annual tech fest. Registration information and schedule is now available on Online Registrations are closing shortly.  Below is a list of featured sessions at the conference. See you there.

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3 June 2016
Session Speaker
Augmented Reality for the Enterprise
Kishor Himane
Building Secure Connected Devices
Kedar Sovani
Real-world IoT for enterprises
Abhimanyu Prabhavalkar
IoT Testing and Quality Assurance
Girish Kolapkar
Functional Programming – Past, Present and Future
Pushkar Kulkarni
Harnessing the Power of Java 8 Streams
Praveer Gupta
GR8 Road to #fame – Building & scaling a live streaming mobile platform
Rishabh Jain & Harkesh Kumar


4 June 2016
Session Speaker
Learning The Go Lang way
Navneet Karnani
Building a One Page application using Angular and Go language
Navneet Karnani
How to Think, in RxJava, Before Reacting
Praveer Gupta
HTTP/2 is here!
Nilesh Naik
Understanding Bitcoin (Blockchain) and its Potential for Disruptive Applications
Navin Kabra
Building Resilient Microservices
Gurpreet Sachdeva
Building on Quicksand – MicroServices Architecture
Shripad Agashe


Register now to grab the current discounted rates

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