Speed Up Your Jenkins Build Pipeline

This talk looks at how we brought down our Jenkins build pipeline time down from over 90 minutes to under 12 minutes. It looks at specific techniques which helped and also some, which logically made sense, but actually did not help. If your team is trying to optimize their build times, then this session might give you some ideas on how to approach the problem.

Development Impact – The number of builds in a day have increased over a period of time as the build time has reduced. Frequency of code check-in has increased; Wait time has reduced; failed test case faster to isolate and fix.

The sessions will look at: Why long running pipeline was hurting, Key Principles to Speed Up Your Build Pipeline, Bottlenecks , Disk IO examples and alternatives, Insights from CPU Profiling, Divide and Conquer, Fail Fast, Results

The talk will highlight: Importance of getting fast feedback, How to investigate long running tests, How to run Tests concurrently, RAM Disks, SSD, Hybrid disks, Why you should not assume; but validate your hypothesis.

Speaker:  Ashish Parkhi is Sr. Manager – Software Development at IDeaS a SAS Company. He started his IT career with IDeaS a SAS Company in August, 2001. After a short stint at different departments like Technical Product Support, Quality Assurance he joined the Software Development department in 2003 and has been working on Java technology stack since then. He currently plays multiple roles and wear different hats at IDeaS; As a Leader, Manager, Product Owner, Solution Architect, Developer and a Mentor.

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