TurboGears is equivalent to Ruby on Rails!

Ohio LinuxFest 2006 is taking place on September 30, 2006. Ohio is a free Linux event for professionals and enthusiasts. Spliced Networks announced that it will exhibit at Ohio LinuxFest 2006 in booth #6. At this event, Mark Ramm of TurboGears, will be a guest at the booth. Spliced Networks said, “TurboGears is the equivalent of “Ruby on Rails”, for the Python programming language.”


TurboGears was created in 2005 by Kevin Dangoor as the framework behind the as yet unreleased Zesty News product, but when he released it as an open source framework, the project took off with more than 30,000 screencast downloads in the first 3 months.

TurboGears is a Python based web framework created by bringing together a number of mature components such as MochiKit, SQLObject, CherryPy and Kid, along with some TurboGears specific code to make everything work together easily. It is designed around the Model-view-controller architecture, much like Struts or Ruby on Rails, designed to make rapid web application development in Python a lot easier and more maintainable.You can use other templating language than Kid through a plugin system. Plugins currently exist for Cheetah, Django templates, Genshi and Jinja and are easy to create.

Learn more at TurboGears site.

TurboGears is one of many open source projects that Spliced Networks has packaged into a new solution called AppStacks. Designed to work with any Linux operating system, and Apple’s MacOS X Server. At Ohio LinuxFest 2006, Mark Ramm of TurboGears, will be a guest at the booth. Mark Ramm is the author of the forthcomming “Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears.” He is IT Manager for Humantech inc. Over the years, he has programmed Web applications in a wide range of technologies, including Python, TurboGears, CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP, Java Struts, and Ruby on Rails.

Spliced Networks publishes the FREE open source enterprise magazine called o3magazine. o3 is published using open source software exclusively. The focus of o3 is on the use of Free and Open Source (FOSS) software in Enterprise Data Networking environments.

Issue #5 of o3 will cover :-

* Quick Look at TurboGears
* WiFi Security Threats
* Introduction to Python
* TurboGears: Deployment and Scaling
* ATA over Ethernet
* Deploying T1s with Linux
* Layer 2 Security Testing

You can download the magazine from o3magazine site.

>> Spliced Networks to Participate in Ohio LinuxFest 2006

>> TurboGears is one of the projects which embodies the “Zen of Python” philosophy

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