Translate java code into python source code using java2python tool

java2python claims to be a simple but effective tool to translate Java source code into Python source code. Troy Melhase, the creator of the java2python project has announced the first release.

java2python is licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0. To translate code, java2python requires python 2.5, ANTLR and PyANTLR.
The following is working with java2python 0.1 version:

* class definitions, inner class definitions
* method definitions
* most expressions
* if statements, for statements, while statements
* raises statement
* type translation (e.g, String -> str)
* class member access to instance attributes

Troy Melhasesays “I’ve written java2python with the idea that it should provide ahigh degree of customization to the generation process. It allows formultiple, cumulative configuration modules, which means you can have aconfiguration for an entire translation project, and also haveconfigurations for individual modules.

Let me add a few more waffles before concluding. Yes, I know Python isnot Java. Yes, I know that this tool doesn’t translate the meaning ofthe input source code. Yes, the tool does not produce idiomatic Python.And yes, I know the tool isn’t even close to perfect. But even with allof those problems, I know this is better than what I was doing.”

java2python is available on Google code at


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