Zenoss Core has been selected as SourceForge’s Project of the Month!

Zenoss is enterprise-ready, open source IT monitoring software. It is written in Python and uses Zope application server and Twisted network library. Zenoss provides an integrated product for monitoring availability, performance, events, and configuration across all layers of an IT system.

SourceForge recently announced the Project of the Month for March 2007. Zenoss Core has been selected as the SourceForge.net’s Project of the Month.

Features of Zenoss Core :

* Inventory & Configuration
* Availability Monitoring
* Performance Monitoring
* Event Monitoring and Management
Check all the features of Zenoss Core

Zenoss delivers a new alternative for enterprise network and systems management that combines the rich functionality and professional support of the leading proprietary offerings with the cost effectiveness and flexibility of open source. Check the benefits of Zenoss Core

Reference :
>> Zenoss Core website
>> SourceForge

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