Python vs PowerShell DBA Scripting

Ron Dameron recently published an article comparing Python and PowerShell DBA Scripting. He wrote a code in Python and then translated it to PowerShell. He considered few examples like Listing installed hot fixes (DST patch), Checking free space on drives, Finding a database across multiple servers, Checking the version of SQL Server installed.

Python is well known for its easy to read, learn and effective coding features. However, examples and code in this article indicate that task can be completed in PowerShell with fewerlines of code compared to Python.

Windows PowerShell :
Microsoft released PowerShell in the end of last year. Windows PowerShell is a new command line shell and task-based scripting technology.
Windows PowerShell for the first time is included as part of the Windows operating system. Windows PowerShell is one of the numerous manageability enhancements of Windows Server2008 including the new Server Manager, Server Core, new Event Viewer, new Task Scheduler and new Reliability and Performance Monitor.

Although few examples show that some tasks can be completed in PowerShell with fewer lines of code, Python has many advantages over PowerShell. It good to see Microsoft is inspired from languages like Python and Perl to build PowerShell. PowerShell would certainly help in making life easier for .net developers.

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