Wing IDE 101 would help in teaching and learning Python

Wingware recently announced the first public beta release of Wing IDE 101, a free scaled back edition of Wing IDE that was designed for teaching introductory programming courses. It is released to the general public to help others teach with or learn Python.

Wing IDE 101 includes much of Wingware’s powerful Python editor, although it omits auto-completion and few other features. This product is designed in such a way, so that students are more conscious of the details of the language and modules that they are learning about. Wingware is also offering educational pricing for Wing IDE Professional, including steep discounts for class room use.

About WING IDE –
Wing IDE is one of the most advanced Python IDE available today. Wingware’s powerful debugging and code intelligence capabilities are the key features of this product. It supports web, GUI, and scripting development using Zope, Plone, mod_python, wxPython, PyQt, PyGtk, TkInter, and many other Python packages.

Wing IDE 101 is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It is free for all non-commercial uses and does not require a license code to run.

Key Features of Wing IDE 101 include:

* Powerful Editor — Syntax highlighting, goto-definition, navigation menus, error indicators, auto-indent, and keyboard emulation for Visual Studio, VI/Vim, Emacs, and Brief.
* Python Shell — Evaluate files and selections in the integrated Python shell.
* Graphical Debugger — Set breakpoints and view stack and program data.

Reference :
>> Wing IDE 101
>> Download Wing IDE

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