CommunityOne Developer Conference To Look Into Python & Scripting

Sun Microsystem today announced details around its second annual CommunityOne conference that will be held May 5, 2008 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. In addition, Sun will host its fifth Sun Startup Camp(SM) event May 4-5, 2008, as part of CommunityOne. CommunityOne is a free, one-day event that allows developers and students to benefit from the innovation and choice of the free and open source ecosystem. CommunityOne will offer more than 70 sessions led by contributors and committers of more than 30 different open source and community projects; from chip design to operating systems, to web servers and databases, to scripting languages and tools.

CommunityOne will also offer “unconference” sessions, led by the
analysts from RedMonk, in which participants will determine the topics
they wish to discuss, exchange ideas and identify best practices.

Sun Startup Camp, San Francisco is a free, interactive unconference
which includes leader-moderated sessions where participants are invited
to come, share, listen and learn. The event also includes fun
activities such as “SpeedGeeking”, where startup founders can compete
in the “Best Startup Contest” by presenting a five minute pitch of
their business to small groups of peers. Participants also have an
opportunity to mingle with the event co-hosts, who at past camps have
included industry leaders such as Google, JLA Ventures, NaviSite,
Microsoft,, SDForum, Sapoteck, Yahoo! and ZDNET, to name
just a few.

2008 CommunityOne
will encompass dozens of in-depth technical sessions,
covering the following subjects:

  • Scripting and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs): PHP, Python,
    Ruby/JRuby, JavaScript(TM), JavaFX(TM), AJAX, jMaki and more.
  • Tools and IDEs: NetBeans(TM), Eclipse, Subversion and other
    tools to enhance developer productivity
  • Next Generation Web Applications: Wikis, social networks,
    mashups, SOA, Web services, OpenSSO and more.
  • Operating Systems: OpenSolaris(TM) and Linux distribution
    communities: operating system innovation, virtualization, application
    observability, security, performance and more.
  • Web and Application Servers: GlassFish(TM), Apache HTTP, JBoss
    and more.
  • Databases: MySQL(TM), PostgreSQL, and Java(TM) DB.
  • Web Scale Computing: Utility (cloud) computing, software as a
    service (SaaS), high performance computing (HPC) and Project Darkstar.
  • Chip Multithreading (CMT) – OpenSPARC(TM): Throughput and
    parallel computing, networking and security, application qualification,
    hypervisor and virtualization.
  • Projects and Strategy: Learn about free and open source
    principles, best practices for community building, and how to get
    involved. Hear about projects focused on music, robotics, OpenJDK(TM),
    mobile and embedded,, the OpenDocument Format and

There is no charge to attend CommunityOne, on Monday, May 5, 2008,
but space is limited. Full program details and information can be found
CommunityOne attendees will also have free access to the
target=”_blank” href=””>JavaOne

Pavilion and General Sessions on Tuesday, May 6, 2008.

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