Python Bug Day on 25th June 2005

The goal of the bug day is to process bug reports in  the Python bug tracker on SourceForge, providing additional information so that the bug can be fixed and closed.

It’s time for push at closing some Python bugs and patches.
Bugs should be processed in the fashion described by PEP 3.Previous bug days :
  • The first bug day was held Saturday, June 5, 2004,30 bugs were closed,and  14 more bugs had enough work done to make them closable
  • The second bug day was held July 10 2004. 18 bugs and 21 patches were closed.
  • The third bug day was Saturday, August 7th. 19 bugs and 12 patches were closed.
  • The fourth bug day was held Saturday, November 7th. 12 bugs and 10 patches were closed.
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