Lecturers learn Python for science and mathematics research

The course, called “Winter School in GNU/Linux as a Tool for Science”, aimed at encouraging the use of open source software for science and mathematics research.

Jan Groenewald of AIMS says “the course is designed for lecturers from a variety of tertiary institutions and countries, with the main aim of empowering them to use open source solutions in their research and teaching.

The course will begin with each attendee installing a copy of Ubuntu Linux with a variety of open source mathematical and scientific applications. They will also be instructed in Python programming and applications including Octave, Gnuplot and others.

The Meraka Institute’s Kim Tucker says, by introducing the participants to the capabilities and potential of free and open source software, we hope they will go beyond simply adopting it in their own departments, and become active participants in the thriving communities around this software. Our aim is for Africa to become a respected and sought-after source of contributors to free and open source software.

Reference :
>> Scientists go back to school to learn about free software

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