Developers won’t go too far with only technical skills

“Today’s [IT] job opportunities are not purely technical, so [developers] won’t go too far with only technical skills. They also need to be more business-oriented and have skills that will help businesses realize more value from their IT investments.

That’s what a Gartner senior consultant had to say about IT hiring today. Is this the way things will shape up in the near future?

Demand for enterprise devs with both technical and business skills will rise in the next 12 months, says a just-released survey of IT managers from Gartner Inc.

The pure techies already get a far lower pay than the ‘business domain experts’ and with more companies now looking for business skills in developers, will we see a further dilution of interest in the purely technical?

So what’s a better choice for developers?

Investing time primarily in studying and getting business knoweldge in a specific domain or in trying to master the latest .

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