Mark Lutz to conduct Python Bootcamp scheduled on October 17.

Mark Lutz, author of the O’Reilly’s fameous books Programming Python and Python Pocket Reference will guide students.

Python, one of the most flexible programming language in web and application development is playing a major role in developing various tools for sciences, animations and financial markets and is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after languages by corporations like Google, NASA, YAHOO, IBM etc.. python developments are becoming increasingly valuable commodities in the programming industry.

Python Bootcamp –
Mr. Mark Lutz is going to conduct a python bootcamp, its really a golden opportunity for students to take advantage of his experience in teaching, writing about the software development in Python, he has conducted many python teaching courses, his extensive background as developer and thinker will help students in mastering the language.

The 5 day session will cover operators, functions, modules, classes and exceptions also overview of debugging, profiling, dynamic coding tools, system interfacing, accessing databases, creating graphical interfaces and applying Python as a scripting language.

The course specifically designed for developers who are interested in web-based, command-line, or GUI applications.Its scalability and cross-platform featues makes it adaptable to a wide range of uses and purposes.

Mark Lutz –
Mr Mark Lutz has been involved with Python since 1992 and began teaching Python classes in 1997, Mark Lutz is a full-time Python trainer, writer and software developer. He is one of the primary figures in the Python community and author of the O’Reilly books Programming Python and Python

Big Nerd Ranch –
The credit goes to Aaron Hillegass, Big Nerd Ranch founder, who is going to manage the event.
Aaron Hillegass said, “Our last class with Mark indicated not only a growing demand for Python instruction, but also that Mark fits in with our teaching philosophy. His course was clearly well-researched and indicated his depth of knowledge about the topic. That, paired with his excitement and commitment to teaching, really creates a great learning experience for our students.”

Its necessary to have these type of institues in all parts of the world , it will help and encourage the students to become a master in programming langues.

Reference :
Mark Lutz Brings Python Bootcamp Back to the Big Nerd Ranch, October 17-21, 2005
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