Python components are now available on O’Reilly’s CodeZoo.

CodeZoo received requests for many languages, but Python got the most number of requests !

CodeZoo provides a direct download option,other features like tags, user tips, ratings will definately attract the python community. Python community should take the full advantage of it.

I think the most important feature is you can add components to a special page for your account, called “My Library,” which allows you to keep track of the components on CodeZoo you care the most. Your library page gives you tools to organize your components.

They’ve added Ruby as well, although the Ruby community already has RubyForge.

Python Package Index (PyPI) has moved to a new dedicated server, Cheese Shop which allows to search and download the Python packages.

The newly launched PyPI and Codezoo will compete each other but it will surely help the python community. What say?

>> Python and Ruby added to CodeZoo
>> Cheese Shop: Home

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