Access your gmail inbox with python

libgmail project is a pure Python binding to provide access to Google’s Gmail web-mail service., a Python script that can log into a Gmail inbox and export messages. Its suitable for backup and import into other e-mail programs. You can interact with your inbox from the Python command line.

The new release has fixed some bugs related to the Gmail login page and redirection also Support for the editing of Gmail contacts was added along with the ability to export the contacts to the VCard 3.0 format, which makes it possible to use them in other email clients.API provides an extensible foundation for interfacing with Gmail.

Other projects that are related to the Gmail Agent API:

  • JGmail -Â An open source port .Platform : Java
  • Gmailer - An open source API for Gmail. Gmailer-lite is included, a bare HTML version of Gmail. Platform: PHP
  • GmailerXP – A Windows application that extends the proof of concept app here by replicating the entire Gmail interface as a Windows application. Platform :.NET
  • GNotify -Â Â A Windows system tray notifier that includes audible alerts in addition to balloon tips. Platform : .NET
  • Gmail Notifier -Â The official Gmail system tray notifier. Platform : Win32

Features of Gmail Agent Applet:

  • Â Â Multiple account support
  • Â Â Balloon notification of new messages with message preview
  • Â Â Address book view and import (from tab-delimited text files)

>>libgmail — Python binding for Google’s Gmail service
>>Gmail Agent API

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