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Mark Dufour announced Shed Skin’s first version, an experimental Python-to-C++ compiler.

Shed Skin can convert many Python programs into optimized C++ code, without any user intervention such as adding type declarations.It uses advanced static type inference techniques to derive type information by itself, also it determines whether derived types are parameterized or not and if so, it generates corresponding C++ generics.Based on derived type information, it attempts to convert heap allocation into stack and static preallocation.

The compiler in many cases automatically deduce C++ versions of Python programs. It works best for Python programs written in a relatively static C++-style, enabling users to specify C++ programs at a higher level.

The compiler correctly handles 124 unit tests, Mark Dufour said “Unfortunately I am just a single person, and much work remains to be done. At the moment, there are several limitations to the type of Python programs that the compiler accepts.”

Lets hope the first release will attract people to help him.

>>Shed Skin Blog

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