You can run PHP scripts under Zope and Plone !

PHParser/PHPGateway acts as a bridge between Zope and PHP. The aim is to combine Zope and PHP together. PHParser offers all the features of a DTML (Document Template Markup Language ) document + all the features of PHP

PHParser is a ZOPE Product which is based on the DTML-Document-Class. PHParser works as a postprocessor, after rendering all DTML-tags in your document, PHParser will pipe the result through an external PHP-Interpreter.

The new version 1.1.4 added a wait() call aftering calling PHP CGI to avoid zombies, support to apache rewriterule + virtualhost monster, default PHP CGI location changed to /usr/bin/php due to the fact that RHEL4 has a PHP CGI there.

PHParser gives you the chance to reuse your old PHP scripts before you experienced ZOPE and Python.
it is a clean and stable product for production environments, so there is no need to take care while using PHParser. For PHP you need to take all precautions (e.g. edit php.ini in order to disable system-critial functions from PHP).

The most attractive feature is you can now make phpMyAdmin installed in the file system run on Zope only by adding just one PHPGateway object !

>> PHParser/PHPGateway

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