Will Axiom dominate the database world ?

Axiom is an object database, it uses SQLite for its backend. Axiom is very young , still it supports a significant portion of the features present in the databases.

Axiom has grown out of
Atop (Atomic Transactional Object Persistor), You can build object-oriented applications that take advantage of queries, its not just a wrapper (like SQLObject) placed around existing database, but it is a fully-featured object database. Axiom comes with an implementation of Twisted’s IRealm interface. This means an Axiom store can be given to a portal to allow authentication and authorization against it, using the standard Twisted Cred APIs.

Axiom is suitable for a large number of database-driven applications although it has its own set of limitations. It provides an efficient, non-SQL interface to an existing relational database, it encourages a style where many objects are loaded with a small, often fixed number of queries. Objects stored in an Axiom database can refer to any other object stored in the same database (like Python references) also can provide a schema definition which allows in-memory constraints to be enforced.

Divmod has several applications in development which use Axiom, Mantissa is one of them. Its worth looking at Mantissa, it is a multi-protocol application server built on Axiom, Nevow and Twisted.

Axiom is far from complete, its just three months old. Axiom

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