PyPy sprint to be held between 7th to 11th December 2005 in Sweden.

The goal of the Sweden (Gothenburg) sprint is to start exploring new directions and continue in the directions started at the Paris sprint. The main focus will be towards JIT work, alternate threading models and logic programming.

Topics of the sprint :

* The L3 interpreter, a small fast interpreter for “assembler-level” flow graphs. This is heading towards JIT work.
* Stackless: write an app-level interface, which might be either Tasklets, as in “Stackless CPython”, or the more limited Greenlets.
* Porting C modules from CPython. (_socket is not finished)
* Optimization/debugging work in general. In particular our thread support is far from stable at the moment and unaccountably slow.
* Experimentation: logic programming in Python. A first step might be to try to add logic variables to PyPy.

For registration you will need to subscribe to the PyPy sprint mailing list , introduce yourself and post a note that you want to come.

PyPy is a MIT-licensed research-oriented reimplementation of Python written in Python.
It seems that PyPy is growing aggressively in a very short duration. They have released PyPy 0.8.0.
You can see the highlights of PyPy 0.8.0.

The PyPy team have started posting a weekly update of the happenings on their website.

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