ZAPP : The largest open source project ever developed in Australia.

ZAPP (Zope Amendment Production Platform) is built on the Zope open source application server. It will be released as an open source project,Hosted on Linux and AMD Opteron systems. The application is Made up of Python, Zope, Kupu, rsync, and other open source software. It will be Used by over 800 planners and administrators across Victoria. They can load Over 24GB of initial data and 500 amendments per year, Thousands of pages of content.

Victoria’s Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) has spent $1.2 million on a new content portal. It will be released in early next year. According to the project manager Sharon Tyrer, ZAPP houses all documents relating to town planning schemes and the legislative process. Zapp has “opened doors” as to what the DSE can do with software and is now getting the strategists together to develop a “cohesive IT plan”.

ZAPP could be used anywhere there is content. It accepts inputs and stores it at each different legislative process and date-stamps everything at each point also it takes snapshots of every planning scheme so people can look at how it has changed.

Zope has no licence fees, is all Web based, it has so many benefits. With the success of ZAPP, other countries will look at it in near future.

>> Vic govt ZAPPs largest open source project

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