Coyote : The Jython support in NetBeans !

Jython and CoyoteJython support in NetBeans has been announced very recently, Coyote develops a set of NetBeans modules to help developers write code in dynamic languages using the NetBeans IDE. Initially, they are targeting Jython and Groovy languages. Use of Java and Jython/Groovy type of language, which is very close to java community can contribute to the progress of developer productivity.

The Coyote project was started by Simon Phipps, who is the Sun chief technology evangelist and Tim Bray, who is a co-creator of XML. They are planning to support for more languages, Jython and Groovy got the preference as they are close to Java community and already widely used. Sun hopes to attract more developers to the NetBeans IDE with Coyote.

NetBeans is an IDE written in Java which provides support for a wide range of technologies from J2ME, J2SE and J2EE. The IDE itself comprises the core modules. To use Coyote, You should have NetBeans IDE 5.0 installed.

The features of Coyote, According to the Coyote home page :

  • Script files can be created/edited/executed. The scripts are able to access the project’s CLASSPATH.
  • Syntax coloring for both languages – Groovy and Jython
  • Special scripting (Jython/Groovy) project types. Scripts are in a separate folder structure. For scripting projects, normal compile/execute works using Ant.
  • Syntax error hyperlinking to the source after compile or execute.
  • Support for servlets written in Jython and Groovy (Groovlets), also for writing unit tests in Jython and Groovy.

Reference :
>>Coyote Home Page

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