Python and JSF Presentations.

The First Pune Python meet was held on last Saturday of the month. We are planning to conduct the Python meets on every last Saturday of each month, it will help in spreading the Python language in Pune and across the country.

Sandeep Gohad gave a quick introduction to the Python language and also discussed the relevance of Python and how Python could be promoted in India.

In the Java meet, Raghu Charan presented on JSF and discussed the pros and cons of JSF as well as demonstrated various examples of JSF.

* Download introductory presentation on Python by Sandeep
* Download Java Server Faces (JSF) presentation by Raghu

SandeepPythonIntroduction RaghuJSFSession
Sandeep Gohad Raghu Charan

The tentative schedule for the next meets on 29th July 2006 is as follows:

* Python meet : A session on Django by Amitabh Jain.
* Java Meet : A session on Ajax with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) by Piyush Deshpande.

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  • December 31, 2008 at 9:05 am

    Really interesting interview. More than the answers, I am amazed by Atul Kahate’s deep insights into so many aspects of technology. That prompted me to read his articles on the site, and that reaffirmed my thoughts! Well done, Atul!

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