Wingware announced the release of new and advanced version of Wing IDE for Python.

Wingware announced the release of version 2.1 of Wing IDE for Python, its popular development environment for the Python programming language.
Wing IDE is one of the best and most advanced Python IDE available today.

Wing supports web, GUI, and script development using Zope, Plone, mod_python, wxPython, PyQt, PyGtk, TkInter, and many other Python packages.
Wing IDE and Python is the best combination for rapid development of cross-platform desktop and web applications, enterprise application integration, software testing, and application scripting.

Highlights of the Wing IDE 2.1 release :-

* Visual Studio, VI/Vim, and Brief key bindings
* Subversion and Perforce support
* Improved performance on Windows
* Redesigned and improved search tools
* Named bookmarks
* Breakpoint manager and call stack as list
* Evaluate file or selection in Python Shell
* Support for Intel Macs

Reference :
>> Wingware website

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