Web Development Environment for Python Server Pages and Oracle

An article written by Przemyslaw Piotrowski covers, how to set up a complete working environment for PSP (Python Server Pages) and Oracle Database 10g and also the basics of Python Web development. This article will help you in writing more complex applications with PSP also it will intoduce you to mod_python’s Publisher Handler, which provides a better MVC strategy.

Lets see what is PSP :-

Python Server Pages (PSP) are to Python what JavaServer Pages are to Java. PSP is written in Java and is portable to a wide variety of platforms. A major benefit of using PSP is the huge number of add-on modules available for Python and JPython.

According to Przemyslaw Piotrowski, ” Pages rendered with PSP can perform 50 times better than those served with regular CGI processing. Mod_python includes a range of specialized modules that make Web development much easier. ”

Article covers :-

* Installing and Running Oracle Database XE
* Installing Apache HTTP Server 2.0
* Installing and using Python
* Installing and using mod_python
* Configuring Apache HTTP Server to Handle PSP
* Installing and using cx_Oracle

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