What is the cause behind poor quality?

Poor quality is the concern. Market is customer centric. Competition is very high. Still most of the companies face the problem of poor quality. There are quality models, processes then also issue of poor quality is there. Why is it so? Is it a problem with software industry or the way in which the today software is designed and developed?

Today, software-hardware is the backbone of any organization. Without a good software infrastructure no company can progress. Thousands of vendors and software providers are there. Many large projects and applications are being built using various technologies. But the result we see is poor quality or delivered application full of bugs. Competition is high. So every other software service provider is behind grabbing a customer. There are many reasons of it.

  • Unrealistic estimation
  • Lack of proper analysis
  • Unskilled resources
  • Lack of technology understanding
  • Attitude of developing software in a hurry

And the outcome is just deliver the application to the customer with full of defects. The defects are not found immediately but after some days down the line the defects arise and again the whole cycle starts. Much has been discussed on this entire software development process. In the world there are lot other complex things are developed like oil refineries, large ships, missiles without any flaw. Then why it’s only software which can not be developed perfectly. Even Microsoft releases patches and upgrades for its Windows operating system after few months. I think this is a serious issue. It’s not like that. The software development process needs to be changed. I will say not only discussed but some definite solution is very much necessary.

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