Will JUnit test case auto-generation revolutionize unit testing?

Parasoft has added a new technology feature ‘
Just cover application functionality scenarios to be tested and Test Case Sniffer automatically generates the JUnit test cases with real data that is represented in the application.

The product info claims the following key benefits:

  • Fast and easy generation of an intelligent low-maintenance functional unit test suite.
  • Automated creation of a thorough regression test suite against which to validate and assess the impact of new code changes.
  • Ability to test a full range of application functionality on a single machine independent of a complex testing environment.

The importance of unit testing and the need to write proper JUnit based test cases has been widely accepted. The only hurdle was always the developer’s reluctance to invest the time and effort that needs to be invested in writing test cases.

So is automated test case generation the solutions for all developer unit testing woes?

>> Test Case Sniffer

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