Can Microsoft WinFS be a secured file system?

The world knows that after few days some loophole or the flaw is found in Microsoft products. From time to time Microsoft announces these loopholes in security features and other flaws in its windows operating system. And now comes the test version of next generation file system from Microsoft – WinFS.

MS has said that WinFS will be beneficial for better desktop searching. In a note to developers on MSDN, Microsoft called WinFS a tool that makes it easier to find information stored on both local PCs and across networks.
The motive behind is to let developers get the feel of WinFS and to work on how the common repository capability of WinFS can be used. The beta version released works as on add-on to Windows XP. Quentin Clark (Director of program management for the new file system) said that on the basis of feedback received to this test version the next steps for WinFS will be decided.
This is all good from security, stability point of view. And finally, delivering a flawless/defect free file system on which coming Windows versions will be built is necessary. But can Microsoft achieve this? If we look at a history every other month MS has released critical security patches and updates for its Windows operating system.

So what do you think should we expect the stable Windows version or more and more updates for WinFS?

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