How to achieve zero defects software quality?

Buggy software is the cause of pain for the customers. Organizations can’t afford to have defects in software once it goes into production. Software vendors are constantly struggling to deliver zero defect products/systems. Still every other day we hear about the buggy software.

In a survey of IT managers all over the Europe conducted by LogicaCMG it has been found that 89% of them have experienced problems with new systems just 48 hours after going live. When the defects or bugs are found in production the responsibility goes to IT managers. And for them buggy software is the major concern.

And on the other hand Teligence Communications is working on enlisting expert software testers from QA Labs to help in achieving high quality standards. Which will also result into reduced software QA costs. Marcel Chiriac, Quality Assurance and Documentation Manager at Teligence Communications said “QA Labs is wholly dedicated to software testing and introduces fresh ideas and new ways of doing things, which benefits our team”. This model of consulting experts in software testing and quality will help organizations in delivering what they have committed to the customers in a planned budget. Marks & Spencer, UK will be introducing Testing Maturity Model (TMM) which will help IT departments improving software quality and testing processes. This depicts companies constantly striving for highest quality software products and services.

So what do you think how the zero defects software quality can be achieved?

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