Is Software Testing, a never-ending story?

“Software Testing” shows the human failings or the mistakes by humans behind the code. Once the coding or development of an application is complete then testing becomes a never-ending story. Various types of testing are carried out and in each cycle bugs are found.

This leads to frustration for the project managers, test managers. But the software testing depicts the mistakes made by the humans and people don’t like to admit their mistakes. So it becomes difficult to find out whether the defined process is able to achieve the desired quality and release an application on time. Actually, many factors determine the quality of the software like,

  • Functionality of the software should be clear and documented
  • Status of the development of software
  • Test cases prepared should cover the complete functionality
  • A process to determine the severity and priority of the defect
  • Collecting the testing metrics and analyzing it

All the organizations say that they consider all of the above factors when executing a software project. Still when it comes to “Quality”, some problems crop up.

So what do you think how a zero defects quality can be achieved?

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