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Tethys Solutions, LLC has released Automation Anywhere 2.5. Automation Anywhere 2.5 is automation tool for Windows platform. Its unique SMART Automation technology enables fast automation of complex tasks. For using automation anywhere programming knowledge is not required.

Business users and non-technical staff can easily record mouse, keyboard actions and create automation scripts using wizard. Further, the recorded steps can be converted into interactive steps, which makes automation of complex tasks easy. Another great feature available is that turning the scripts created in an EXE, which can be run on any Windows PC. But this feature is available only with Premier License. Apart from these useful functions and features users can carry out tasks such as system administration, software testing, monitoring websites, scheduling of tasks, updating database and data processing.

>> Easily Automate Business and IT Processes with Automation Anywhere 2.5
>> Automation Anywhere 2.5

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