Tools For Software Testing On Small Budgets & Teams

NewsSoftware Testing Specialist” has entered the software test tools market with the first of their releases from their Quality Management Suite.The whole suite is designed to be installed on a single user system. This approach is seen as a departure from the usual complex team based systems in response to the cut back in staffing brought about by the credit crunch.

“The reduction in staffing is leaving a few skilled members of teams to conduct software testing activities with small budgets for testing tools. We are looking to provide that emerging market with everything they need for a great price coupled with great functionality, so they can continue to excel within their projects.” said Declan Kavanagh, NMQA’s CTO.

Jason Westhorpe, NMQA’s Managing Director said of the Q.M.S. “With the global downturn it’s necessary for all software makers to provide people with real value for money; we think we have achieved this by best in breed pricing and functionality, that all software testing professionals will need.”He continued “The average price of software testing tools is around the one thousand dollar mark. We are looking to provide a whole suite of tools for testing professionals for a fifth of that price with a lot more functionality.”

The QMS is the first software suite that has been aimed at catering for the global downturn and the fall out throughout the technology market.

NMQA’s Suite has numerous features designed to save software testing professionals time and is being touted as “the first testing software designed by testers for testers”. Vienna enables for automatic report generation with pre populated paragraphs and interpretations of results. This is seen as a massive differentiator for the entire product suite.

“Automatic Reporting is going to save our install base countless hours over the course of a year. We have designed the whole suite to ensure that it catered for the automation of annoying and repetitive tasks normally omitted from our competitors products.” Said Kavanagh.

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