Rapid Performance Analysis and Validation Using KITE

News Keynote Systems demonstrates today the company’s two flagship Web application performance test and measurement product offerings — Transaction Perspective, Application Perspective — and for the first time, the company’s newest product, Keynote Internet Testing Environment (KITE) at Web 2.0 Expo.

KITE enables Web developers and QA professionals to execute rapid performance analysis and validation from their desktop or Internet cloud to measure the end user experience of next generation Web 2.0 applications that include AJAX and asynchronously downloaded content with point and click ease. KITE bridges the gap between Web developers, QA testers and Web operations teams by embedding a version of Transaction Perspective and Application Perspective measurement software within the environment; the very same software that drives Keynote’s globally distributed network of measurement computers.

Keynote Transaction Perspective is the most accurate Web application performance measurement product on the market and utilizes an actual browser as the playback engine to measure and benchmark the end-to-end performance and availability of Web 2.0 applications including Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

“In today’s increasingly complex Web environment, companies are recognizing both the value and need for consistent Web monitoring and testing tools that are as advanced as the technologies they test,” said Lisa Erickson-Harris, research director, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “As companies grow increasingly dependent on their online presence, a single testing and measurement platform that allows developers to instantly test and measure the end user experience of Web 2.0 applications is a significant advance that supports today’s demanding and complex environment.”

Whether a customer is looking for high accuracy for competitive Web application benchmarking, a desktop-based rapid performance analysis tool or high frequency operational monitoring, Keynote offers a product/solution at the right price for all the applications a company needs to measure and monitor, from HTML and JavaScript-based Web applications, to highly interactive Web 2.0 applications that use Dynamic HTML, complex JavaScript, AJAX, or Flash. Pricing begins at $100 per page per month for monitoring site performance from 10 U.S. locations for Application Perspective, and $250 per page per month for Transaction Perspective. Pricing options for measuring over dial-up, broadband and 3G connections are also available. KITE is currently available for free download to current Keynote customers.

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