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software testingIn his blog titled “Future Of Testing”, Aditya Dada talks of the novel open and community based approach to testing and software quality taken by the Glassfish Quality Team.

“On May 7th, 2008, Varun Rupela and I gave a talk on “The Future of Testing: How Community Engagement Is Changing the Rules” at the JavaONE conference in San Francisco. At Sun’s GlassFish Quality Engineering team, we have been seeing a trend for the past few years, ever since GlassFish joined the open source revolution, that more and more features are developed by the community, but these features are not tested by the community. While the burden of additional testing came to rest upon the in-house Quality Organziation, the resources are often not added to meet the additional requirements. So what does a resource-constrained Quality organization such as ours do? We follow project GlassFish, and go open source!

The charter of GlassFish Quality Community is unique – something that gives us leverage in creating a niche for ourselves as an open-source community. We are the only organization under GlassFish, that can offer opportunities to learn latest technologies, interact with industry experts while also making the whole experience rewarding. And it is this strategic placement that helps us create a win-win solution.

We not only attract students and young professionals who would like to get their feet wet with latest GlassFish technologies, but also attract quality engineers from other organizations that are already using GlassFish, and would like to stay on top of the quality status of GlassFish. “

More information and slides at his blog “Future Of Testing

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