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The Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) exam is very popular today as its content is perhaps most relevant to what J2EE developer actually work on day in day out. Servlets, JSP and web applications is bread and butter for many and so it makes sense to get really good at these technologies and also get certified in them. In this article, Sivasundaram Umapathy gives an introduction to the exam and pointers to successfully pass the test.

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  • ‘Guest’

    Good Article..

    Book from Head First series is very good !

  • Noname

    I have made a webpage which i think can be included in the Links page of your site if any.


    The contents of this page are intended for SCJP 1.2 exam (310-025) and resources specific to SCJP 1.4 exam (310-035). The Sun Certified Java Programmers Exam (SCJP) is the internationally recognized certification of Java knowledge. This site contains the equivalent of many hundreds of pages of information to help students of this exam. It includes Mock Exams, tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions and sample code. Please Link to me Sir.


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    Hi All,
    A good website for SCWCD and SCJP preparation

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    You will get practice questions for SCWCD from [URL=][/URL]

  • Noname

    is java webdeveloper certification is helpful for getting call for freshers

  • Noname

    Hi all,
    I want to know the books which are available in india which help me in my
    sun certfication exam fro the web development. Plz tell the name of those books and authors.
    thank u,

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    too good buddy :grin

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    it is very bar artical

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    hope you are fine.
    do you know how often exam taken in India ?
    and in which city of india ?
    thank you

  • punjabi

    This exam is much simple after studying for one week or more – covering much less than the programmer certification. Working on any J2EE project will prepare you for test. The certification are very impressive in the states.

  • Guest

    Th exam can have questions based on scriptlets.

  • smtalim

    Can you throw more light on whether the new examination focusses on writing JSPs with only tags and no scriplet code?