Offline Ajax Applications Using Google Gears

Chris Schalk’s session on ‘How to make your Ajax applications go offline’ was presented at the Conference On Java Technology 2007 held in Oct 2007 in Pune, India.

In this session, Chris describes Google Gears, discussing how it works and how it’s used. This session also includes a demo of a various Ajax applications that are offline enabled using the Open Source Google Gears technology.

As Ajax applications become an integral part of mainstream users’ lives, the

demand to access them offline will only increase. Google Gears was created to make that possible.
In this session you will learn:
• How to enhance your Ajax applications to function offline;
• The key issues with offline development;
• Data synchronization issues surrounding offline development;
• Application design issues surrounding offline development.

Speaker : Chris Schalk is a Developer Advocate for Google and helps promote Google Ajax technologies around the world. He is also one of the original members of the OpenAjax Alliance. Prior to Google, Schalk was a Principal Product Manager and Java Evangelist for Oracle’s application server and development tools division. While at Oracle, he worked to define the overall Web development experience for Oracle JDeveloper and ADF Faces (Trinidad). He is also the co-author of JavaServer Faces: The Complete Reference published through McGraw-Hill Osborne

Presentation / Demo Code : How to make your Ajax applications go offline

* Video compressed for 256 kbps.

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