Integrating BPEL, Human Workflow and Business Rules in Java EE

Raghu Kodali’s presentation on “Integrating BPEL, Human Workflow and Business Rules in Java EE” at the Conference On Java Technology 2006.

As enterprises move towards business process optimization, they are looking for efficient mechanisms to orchestrate interactions between systems, services and people in order to achieve their strategic and operational objectives. This session will discuss how WS-BPEL a standards based infrastructure can be used in Java EE platform to architect a workflow solution that is integrated with a business rules engine based on JSR-94.

The session further drills down into a BPM capabilities, to show how WS-BPEL, workflow services and rules are used together to create a dyanmic process flow which includes service orchestration and policy based task assignment , escalation and load balancing tasks among users.

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Raghu Kodali is the author of “Beginning EJB 3 Application Development“. He is a consulting product manager and SOA evangelist for Oracle Fusion Middleware. He is responsible for J2EE features, and has expertise in SOA technologies, web services, and application development frameworks.

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Raghu Kodali – Integrating BPEL, Human Workflow And Business Rules in Java EE

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