Java Open Source VoIP Platform – JAIN SLEE

Amit Bhayani speaks on ‘Java Open Source VoIP Platform – JSLEE’ at the Conference On Java Technology 2007 held in Oct 2007 in Pune, India. The session introduces JAIN SLEE (JSLEE) followed by a look at ‘Why JSLEE’ and the JSLEE benefits for the VOIP telecom domain.

Amit then looks at how JSLEE and JEE compliment each other and how JSLEE can improve ROI for application developed using JEE. The session concludes with a discussion about how JSLEE is suitable for a variety of problem domains demanding Event Driven Architecture (EDA) for high volume, low latency signalling. Examples include financial trading, online gaming, sensor network integration (RFID) and distributed control.

Speaker– Amit is working on JBoss technologies since past 5 years and has contributed to

Hibernate, JBoss AS and IzPack. He is currently working on Mobicents project as core developer. Amit has been a speaker at conferences like JBoss Users Groups and RedHat Symposium.

Presentation Slides: Open Source VoIP Platform – JAIN SLEE JSR -240

* Video compressed for 100 kbps viewing. Takes a hit on quality but will run fine on slow Internet connections.

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