Refactoring to Patterns – A practical look into Agile approach on Evolutionary Design

Paulo Caroli’s session on Refactoring to Patterns – a practical look into the Agile approach on Evolutionary Design’ presented at the Conference On Java Technology 2007 held in Oct 2007 in Pune, India. In this session, Paulo Caroli introduces Refactoring and TDD (Test Driven Development) as the foundation for Agile Evolutionary Design. He explains how the practice of Refactoring to Patterns permits code simplicity to turn into well-know design pattern using real world experiences and selected case studies to illustrate this concept.

Refactoring and TDD
Refactoring and Functional Requirements
Refactoring and Agile Techniques
Simple Design and Code Smells
Refactoring to Patterns
Case Studies


The take away for the audience will be
Understand Refactoring and TDD as Agile techniques
Understand Agile Simplicity and Evolutionary Design Techniques
Understand how simple design evolves into more elaborate design by means of TDD and Refactoring
Understand what code smells are and how they can be Refactored into Design Patterns (when appropriate)

: Paulo Caroli is an application architect for ThoughtWorks, US. He has a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, and is a Sun Certified Architect for Java Technology with more than 13 years experience in Software Development. Moreover, he is currently a trainer for ThoughtWorks on Agile Techniques, such as XP, TDD and Object Oriented development practices. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to speak at several technical conferences, and provide training on a multitude of technical topics. He has also authored several articles and publications which can be found on my website at

Presentation PDF :Refactoring to Patterns – a practical look into the Agile approach on Evolutionary Design

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