Web 2.0 using Google Technologies & APIs

Google technologies like Maps, Searches and Docs are very popular. However realizing that the innovation in Web 2.0 has to come from communities on the web, Google is now empowering them with tools and APIs to build their own innovative yet practical applications.
One can now combine and build applications using maps, gadgets, customized search, feeds, spreadsheets and mashup editors, and not to forget Google Gears. This session will look at using various Google technologies and APIs for Google Mapplets, Local Searches, Google Base, Searches, Open Social and even Google Docs (mainly about building applications with SpreadSheet).

Session presented at the Pune Java + Google Meet held in Pune, India in Deb 2008.

Rohit Ghatol has
been a Software Professional for about 6

years. He currently plays a role of Project Manager at Synerzip Softech. He has a BE Computer Engineering Degree from PICT Pune. His main interests lies in keeping abreast with what’s new in the Technology world. He has also been involved in taking training on Java technologies like Hibernate, Java Server Faces, Struts, Google Web Toolkit , Grails and many such topics. Lastly, he has initiated a group in Pune namely “Pune Google Technology User Group” with the prime focus to educate people about what is possible in the Web 2.0 world with the help of Google Technologies.

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