Effectively Taming Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Chaos

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has rocked the IT world and have become mainstream in most organizations. SOA applications are built on integrating disparate platforms. This paradigm change has introduced chaos organizations and administrators are struggling to manage complex SOA environments. This presentation will introduce how you can effectively manage complex SOA environment. It will dive down how to discover, model, secure and monitor your services. It will conclude with best practices for managing your SOA platform for reduced total cost of ownership.

Debu Panda ‘s session on ‘Effectively Taming SOA Chaos’ was presented at the IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology 2007 held in Oct 2007 in Pune, India.

Speaker : Debu has more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry and has published articles in several magazines and has presented at many conferences. He is a Senior Principal Product Manager of the Oracle Application Server development team. He is co -author of EJB 3.0 In Action.

Presentation / Demo Code :‘Effectively Taming SOA Chaos

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