Apache Axis – Web Services For Human Beings

Apache Axis Web ServicesIn this talk Samisa Abeysinghe discusses the architecture of Axis2 and how services can be implemented and invoked in very convenient way. He then looks into some real-life examples and how the architecture and technology scale to solve customer problems.

In this session, Samisa describes Axis2 as a complete redesign of the original Apache Axis project, it is now between 3 and 6 times faster, and has very wide support for asynchronous and document based web services. Axis 2 provides a highly flexible architecture and supports many additional functionalities such as reliable messaging and security, that are key for enterprises today.

Samisa Abeysinghe’s session on ‘Web services for human beings – Axis2’ was presented at the IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology 2007 held in Oct 2007 in Pune, India.

Speaker : Since May 2004, Samisa has been a committer of Apache Web services project and

initiated the Apache Axis2/C effort in September 2005. He is an active developer of the Apache Axis2/C project. Samisa was elected an Apache Software Foundation member in June 2006.Samisa is a Software Architect at WSO2 Inc.currently, and leads the WSO2 WSF/C and WSO2 WSF/PHP projects.

Presentation / Demo Code :Web services for human beings – Axis2

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