Enterprise 2.0: Bringing Web2.0 Collaboration and Social networking to Enterprise applications

web2Web2.0 brought forth a significant shift in how one sees the Internet. From being passive users and consumers of information, now users more actively participate in the content generation and collaborate with other users to form communities and user networks.The relevance of the user participation and social aspects to the enterprise though has been a little elusive. Unlike building richer user interface and mashups, that is more obvious and widely adopted, the participatory web, collaboration and social networking are much lesser considered aspects.

In this session Ramesh Loganathan discusses models, approaches and tools available to get these elements of Web2.0 into the enterprise. He looks at the possibilities to leverage communities and collaboration in business applications. Explore implementation approaches such as the non-intrusive widgets mechanism, a parallel Web2.0 social networking server and web desktops. These will build on existing web programming approaches, with emphasis on non-intrusive extensibility of existing applications to bring social networking benefits to the business applications.

Ramesh Loganathan’s session on ‘Enterprise 2.0: Bringing Web2.0 Collaboration and Social networking to Enterprise applications’ was presented at the IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology 2007 held in Oct 2007 in Pune, India.

Speaker :
Ramesh has 16 years of Systems engineering and R&D management experience in technology intensive product development organizations including Sonic Software (Technical Director- India Dev Center), Pramati Technologies (VP, Engineering) and Informix (Principal Engineer). Ramesh has full life-cycle experience setting up and managing product development organizations and motivating high- caliber engineering teams. He has strong insight into Systems software, Middleware-technology, Database internals, Internet Architectures and frameworks.
Ramesh has led engineering efforts building software infrastructure products at Pramati and Sonic Software. After a brif engagement with Sonic/Progress, Ramesh is now VP-Middleware Technologies at Pramati, driving the product direction and setting up a new Technology Consulting business around Middleware Systems.
Ramesh has worked with several organizations in India and in US including IBM, Lever, Compaq, TCS, Informix and Integra. Ramesh is an accomplished Technologist and evangelist regularly speaking at workshops and seminars. He is active in Tech fora, JCP and SPEC organizations. Member of several Standards Expert groups including J2EE 1.4 and is a founding member of ebXMLIndia.org and hyd-eclipse.org. Ramesh is actively engaged with academia and researchers and is an Adjunct Faculty at IIIT-H teaching two courses on Middleware systems.

Presentation / Demo Code : Enterprise 2.0: Bringing Web2.0 Collaboration and Social networking to Enterprise applications

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